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Innovation is the mother of growth.

Actualizado: 5 mar 2022

Many years ago, our long-time client Suarez Toy House (STH), the well-known toy distributor of all times in Puerto Rico, asked @Kranios to support their growth and diversification efforts by becoming their marketing and communications consultants. After several years of continued growth, toys their main line of business began shrinking due to demographic changes and emigration to several stateside cities caused by a weak economy.

Upon strong consideration of their strengths and weaknesses, a decision was made to expand initially into the household cleaning utensils category. Kranios researched the category and came up with several ideas that finally gave birth to the name Solèy, which in Haitian creole means "brilliant sun".

An attractive and catchy brand logo and clear design guidelines were created and successfully applied to a continuously expanding line of products that began with household cleaning utensils, and eventually expanded to trash bags, storage bags, and many more.

The most important objective set forth to build and expand the Solèy brand successfully consisted in bringing excitement to the seemingly boring chore of mopping and sweeping. However, the biggest challenge became to communicate this message with a restricted budget. Thus, several strategically focused and well-planned product design and advertising efforts were developed successfully across time that has added to the necessary growth.

Through the years quality product innovation initiatives, competitive pricing, and strong packaging design have helped Suarez Toy House to build a stronger local distribution business and gain respect as a thriving local business and brand developer.

Their newest initiative had to add a value pack to their already strong mop lines. The decision was made to add a "two-pack microfiber" SKU and bring newsworthiness to their microfiber mop line through the selection of catchy "neon-colored" fibers that would scream "take me" while passing by the supermarket aisles.

These initiatives had to be done subsequently. Realizing that most customers in the category can be reached through a well-planned mass and digital media, Kranios chose to develop short and catchy video executions which we called "Solèy Duplo" and "Solèy Neon".

Solèy Neon uses color innovation and technology as a means to build consumer enthusiasm and loyalty.

Solèy Duplo's "dual pack" is adding value with "zazz" to an already popular product.

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